Light, bright Lovelite White

January 25, 2013

Location, location, location is everything in the world of aesthetics and cosmetic procedures whether invasive and non invasive, and Lovelite UK of Harley Street have that respected London location.  At this clinic the Lovelite therapists carry out their famously successful teeth whitening. The owners of this hugely popular clinic and training school are Donnamarie and Debra, gracing the pages of glossy magazines and newspapers alike with happy celebrities promoting the Lovelite White treatment. Donnamarie and Debra are both the epitome of health, glamour and success, they are extremely busy designing a new website, treating the lovelies of London, carrying out training for Lovelite White within the clinic and not to mention overseeing all of the huge marketing projects on the go. The  girls are passionate about their business and work tirelessly to create an affordable and comprehensive training programme.  The demand for teeth whitening is growing every week in the UK, with the likes of the ‘Essex’ and ‘Chelsea’ crews setting fine examples for a dazzling Hollywood smile, this keeps the Lovelite White clinic very busy!

I was delighted to be invited by the girls for a Lovelite White treatment, naturally I jumped at the wonderful opportunity to get that shiny pearliness back to my teeth! The procedure was explained to me in full and although I have had my teeth whitened before I couldn’t wait to experience the Lovelite way as it was a little different from what I had previously received. With soft, soporific music playing I willingly handed myself over to Donnamarie. I laid back on the couch, the mouth retractor was placed in my mouth, it was comfortable and flexible, immediately I relaxed, its not unusual to have a small panic attack when having the retractor placed in your mouth as they are not usually, in my opinion, quite as comfortable as the Lovelite one.  The secret is to appreciate lying on a couch and doing absolutely nothing for an hour, if you allow yourself to you can totally unwind and relax! Donnamarie dried and cleaned the surface of my teeth, put protection on my gums and then the treatment commenced.

Firstly a substance was applied to my teeth for twenty minutes then removed and a new substance applied for another 20 minutes, I felt absolutely nothing, no stinging or tingling whatsoever. The product applied is revolutionary as it is peroxide free, therefore not at all harmful to the enamel of  ones teeth. The other new part of this treatment and different to all other teeth whitening procedures is the Magenta light . . . the lamps usually used are UV lights, Lovelite White uses both UV and Magenta light, the UV is to activate the gel applied to the teeth thus enhancing the efficacy of the whitening product and the Magenta light,  exclusive to Lovelite White, is healing and helps to substantially reduce the sensitivity nearly always experienced during and following teeth whitening. Guess what? It actually does work! When the session was over and all the gel etc was removed I was absolutely stunned, my teeth had whitened by 6 shades, they were perfect, they actually looked youthful again and felt incredible, shiny and iridescent, my teeth probably looked as they were 20 years ago. I could not stop smiling all the way home, my confidence was sky high, this is a fabulous way to bring back  the bounce to your stride. The down time is negligible,  for around 3 days no food or drink that may stain the newly whitened teeth: tea,  coffee, red wine, curries anything that would stain a white t-shirt if you spilt it down it!

Lovelite White is classed as a cosmetic procedure, and complies with the relevant dental bodies – it is perfectly safe and extremely effective. In short a must if your teeth are anything less than dazzling. Friends and family take note: sunglasses may be required for I am still smiling!